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Minor UI Tweak - right edge drag to resize


When dragging the right edge of the app to make the app window smaller, it’s too easy to drag the right edge of one of the boxes inside the notes pane, making it narrower without resizing the app. I’d turn off drag-to-resize for the components inside the notes pane.



Thanks Allen. I’m aware of the resize issue with the notes section. The right section that contains the notes will be expanded soon, and some changes made in how it works. At that point, this behaviour will be addressed.


this actually be a side issue to the side issue, but one annoying thing about both page 4 and the AS is that in fullscreen mode it ignores the actual placement of the windows 10 task bar. For good reasons related to my vision and my work surface, I opt for the task bar to be along the top of mt screen instead of the default bottom.

Unfortunately AS and PF do not recognise that and snap to the top of the screen where my task bar overlays the resize and minimise capacity of the AS or PF.

So I have to then manipulate and put my task bar elsewhere before I can even minimise the AS window.


This is a limitation of the UI elements I’m using to build Atomic Scibbler. But I’ll make a note to look into it later – see if a solution can’t be found.