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Merging multiple AS projects into one master project


Really appreciate that AS can import word and rtf docs (and saves in an equally accessible format.) Is there any way to import several AS projects into a master project. I know I can import a folder of files and then drag their new homes, but they come in as numbered files. Is there any way to import the folder/scene/note structure?

Thank you.



No, there’s no way to do this. An Atomic project is meant to contain a complete project, not part of a project. If you’re seeing a need for this, it probably means you should structure your initial project differently rather than merge them into one later.

Merging sub projects would come with a host of other issues, such as duplication of idintical or near identical content. It’s not really worth the development effort, not when the better solution would be to simply build a single project that contains all the elements you require.


Appreciate the quick response. I though that might be the case.