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Making feature requests


I’m very open to feature requests, as it allows me to see which features users are looking for that are not yet in the software. But I would need to be convinced that those features would be of benefit to the majority of users, and not to only a small minority.

One of my aims with Atomic is to build an uncluttered writing environment, devoid of the host of small features that seem to dominate so many other writing products, many in use by only fractions of a percent of users.

On top of that, I do have a roadmap for Atomic. This roadmap outlines improvements over the next 12 months, many of which are substantial additions to the product. My primary focus will be on implementing these improvements.

Much as I’d love to share that roadmap, experience has taught me not to talk about new features until they are implemented, otherwise people’s expectations become set and disappointment sets in when features are not released on time or are even cancelled for technical reasons.

But please do submit feature requests. It may be that they will be features I already plan to implement, or your suggestion might be something I hadn’t considered.