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Make auto-capitalization an option in Settings

The title says it all. I’m frequently typing phrases in dialog where a sentence is continued after three full stops (I can’t use ellipses because they cause problems with downstream editors).

So I want to type “No … wait … you did what?” but SEW insists on forcing it to be “No … Wait … You did what?”

So to get what I want I have to type “No … w ait … you did what?” And most of the time I type past the initial letter and have to before each , and the whole thing becomes rather annoying. I can’t even backspace out the ‘W’ and type ‘w’ because it instantly comes out ‘W’, as if I hadn’t even struck the key.

Thanks in advance! No rush, of course. Boxing Day would be nice.


Hi Allen. The option already exists, but it’s on the Spelling | Options dialogue – which is a bit hard to get to, as you need to open the spelling dialogue first via a mis-spelled word.

The undo shortcut (Ctrl+Z) is also a quick way of undoing the last auto capitalisation or autocorrect. Hitting undo after the ‘W’ is typed will revert it to a lowercase ‘w’.

I thought I had seen an option somewhere … and there it is!

Yes, I had to use Ctrl-Z a lot … In fact, there were several examples in my message, but I stupidly used angle brackets around “Ctrl-Z” each time, so the forum sw deleted them all! (Converted them to something, I suppose.)

I had typed (using angles, not squares) “No … w[Ctrl-Z]ait … y[Ctrl-Z]ou did what?” Without the visible control keys, the example was kinda meaningless …



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