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List of My Feedback Suggestions


Hi All & Specially Darren

I love the Scribbler. It just makes me want to write! In this thread I will relay what I think would be great to have in AS:

  1. Set properties for new documents notes etc in each Project: Mainly Page Background Color

So we do not have to do it for each new doc, note etc
Also: font color, font, font size are a must
Best approach would be a: Project Properties Panel where these could be set and changed

  1. SHORTCUTS for:

a) Change views: Show: Left, Right, Simple, Print Layout

b) Switch through Right Column notes etc: CTRL + UP/DOWN arrow keys would be good (When the right column has the focus. Within the editor CTRL+v^ jumps through paragraphs)

  1. Show shortcuts in all ribbon items where there already are assigned shortcuts

  1. Customizable shortcuts section in Settings (as a long term goal)

  1. Re-open documents scenes etc with the CURSOR POSITION where it was before in the last session

I will add more ideas as I work with AS. Thanks again for this good work.


On the Settings dialog you can set some defaults for new scenes — these include font and paragraph settings, and will be remembered for all new scenes or notes. Page background color is not on the plan at the moment, as I expect to be using themes to handle different appearances. The dark theme is only the first of what hopefully will be many themes that I’ll be adding over time.

Good point on the shortcuts.

The cursor position on re-opening a scene is something that almost went in to version 1 but other priorities kept pushing it down the list. It’s still on the list.

Keep the suggestions coming. They’re all welcome.


Thanks Darren,

Good news regarding more themes, like multiplying the software’s visual versions.

A black version would be great as is standard on many modern software next to Dark and default White themes. Even less stressful for long working periods. Also saves even more battery power on laptops when away from a power source.

I think a Black theme would save well over half the battery life and even probably over 20% more than the current Dark theme. Have a look at this image with Black Theme, looks mighty cool (click on the image):


It also looks very stylish, even less stress on the eyes plus more battery life. Some modern software call the Black theme the Dracula theme or Pitch Black. If you try it you might like the Black Theme once applied to all elements.

On Switching through Right_Column notes once it has the mouse_focus/cursor position: CTRL + UP/DOWN arrow keys is one option, another might be simply: CTRL+Page Up/Down once the Right_Column has the focus. This would be really good for looking up notes.

Once a shortcut or even CTRL+Page Up/Down is set to go through the notes in the Right_Column people will love it as it will put their research notes at their immediate fingertips when they are on a roll.

Also on serious big projects where there are many notes, this simply becomes a must.


  1. To see a note in the Right_Column we have to click the Maximize symbol on the hidden note’s TitleBar. Clicking this little symbol is OK but also should be able to show the note by simply Clicking on the minimized note’s TitleBar. Or at least by Double-Clicking TitleBar the note should be maximized.

  1. Long Term Goal: A search box dedicated for the Right_Column is also needed in future. Just like other software let us search through the Right_Column Only for results. This might be an icon within a new TopBar for the Right_Column which expands into a textfield to search. With results as cascading boxes as in current notes similar to other softwares with such right column.

Later other actions icons can be added like others if needed for this section if Darren sees necessary.

Also the Right_Column section needs a name, if there already is not one.

I have other suggestions but am waiting to work more so they mature more as ideas. Thanks again.

P.S. Updated the Balck Theme image in post.
P.P.S. Changed additional shortcut candidate for going through notes in Right_Column from Page Up/Down to CTRL+Page Up/Down as Paging_up/down is already reserved for paging_up/down the actual text in notes textbox. CTRL+Up/Down-Arrow_Keys is still the better option as all 3 keys are at the bottom of keyboard.


Again, some very good suggestions there. When I built the notes section I wasn’t sure how much it would be used, but it’s proving very popular, which means it will ned to be expanded.


The suggested theme looks excellent.


I am adding 2 new items to the list I posted about from the other SE thread recently, but first an addendum to feature request 7 also from there:

7+) Adding a generic SearchBox+OK to the SE Right Column would be great and look very cool and FAST and very handy to use for search multi results. Without having to run an all inclusive search and scrolling up down the fiddly long list.

8) In Right-Column: While focus is on results BOXES of hits in SmartEdit mode:

Have CTRL+ArrowUp/Down update central editor without jumping to it
And Return(Enter) jumping to central pane to edit

Currently ArrowUp/Down (with or without CTRL) in right-column SE multi-results moves up/down hits (as missing and also needed for NOTES in Feature Request 2) WITHOUT SHOWING result in central editor pane and return(enter) does that leaving right-column. This is not optimum. Breaking keyboard use for right-column. Return(enter) should jump to central editor ONLY WHEN:

Going up/down SE results with CTRL+ArrowUp/Down UPDATES central editor to show the current result in focus on right-column.

(NB: This SmartEdit multi-results suggestion is different to the same function in Feature Request 2 which also uses CTRL+ArrowUp/Down to go through vertical boxes in right-column. There it applies to NOTES not SE Results. However shows great UI/UX consistency across modes once implemented.)

9) CTRL+SomeKey shortcut hotkey to go through columns:

Left Column > Central Editor > Right Column > Left Column


Thanks kagmail.

It’ll be a couple of weeks before I start looking at additional improvements. The focus at the minute is getting the next release out the door.


Thanks Darren,

I know, as I said in SE-4-Scrib thread, my recent suggestions are for after beta and v3.32+ rollout and feedback for that as you get more feedback.

I could not see any bugs for SE enabled versions except on first install of 3.31. Double clicking WORD (Button, next to count) in SE right-column shut down the whole program.

I think this was caused by clicking too fast while the results were still being loaded into the column UI. Clicking it toggled ascending/descending alphabetically too fast while still loading data. If anyone reports this, I would tell them:

  1. Wait a few seconds for the results to load up into the right-column and
  2. Generally only SINGLE-CLICK on WORD or COUNT buttons and wait for results.

I would not waste time on this. Fortunately I could not replicate the shutdown again. I can not find any bugs in v3.32 either. Looks good to go.

Impressively smooth major update.

Well done and thanks for SE. :+1:


10) OPML Export and Import


Well looks like none of my list in this thread are making it to Darren’s Jira todo list.

So I am giving up on feedback for the foreseeable future, seems futile. As it takes quite a bit of thinking time before I even type out my suggestions, There are much more I never mention. However if no cigar, no point in spending big chunks of thinking and analyzing time on this.

In my suggestions I have been trying to be structural and very analytical WRT to Text Productivity category of software, trees, outliners, scriptwriting, note takers, IDEs, code editors, multi-panel txt editors etc. I have tested hundreds within this category. I also have many years of experience in UI/UX & MultiMedia Design & Coding on contracts for many companies, all BlueChip and well known corporations. So the minority of suggestions that made it through my shortlist to here, are based on my experience.

So I will not suggest any more, as it seems the time spent on the process can not be justified by me vis-à-vis the results they are getting which has been zilch. So a failed venture.

I sum up some of the most important from above below.

All the best to Darren and the community.

Change views: Show: Left, Right, Simple, Print Layout

B) Black Theme, aka Dracula or MonoKai Black or Pitch Black
See image above in this thread

C) Keyboard Shortcuts for going through boxes in the right column (in the next all new right column)
Return/Enter on a box in right column to bring it up in the main central editor window

D) Proper search in the next all-new right column, with hits result list, again needs keyboard shortcuts to go through them as with any pro search column

E) CTRL+SomeKey shortcut hotkey to go through columns:
Left Column > Central Editor > Right Column > Left Column

F) OPML Export/Import, very easy format with only a couple of tags, explained in the thread linked above here. Has become the Dominant format of all tree structured file formats


Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’ve found Darren to be one of the most responsive developers I’ve encountered. However it is his program, and he’s the one who decides what suggestions to actually implement. We all have different needs/wants. It’s a difficult job trying to please everyone without making the software overly complex.



Rome wasn’t built in a day.

This thread is not new. I did not say when or made any requests for time frames. None at all. never expected anything. So a nonsense statement.

I’ve found Darren to be one of the most responsive developers I’ve encountered.

Me too, he usually responds to people. Nothing to do with my post again.

However it is his program, and he’s the one who decides what suggestions to actually implement.

I am sure you will enjoy saying such things to anyone suggesting, reporting or giving feedback. That is just saying who you are. Comes across well in your writings overall too. I never demanded anything. Just giving a professional feedback, which usually I charge for as a consultant of over two decades. What people do with their products, is their own choice. Determines the future too. With posts like yours with such uncivil tone, I feel sorry for you, there is little point to post anything even after the foreseeable future I mentioned.

We all have different needs/wants.

I am sure you do. My posts in this thread have been fairly from my professional POV. Nothing to do with personal desires as you do. I have not used AS for a few months, was just trying to help Darren. But now you are here, I am sure there is no point in the likes of me. I think the tone and sentences in this thread show it is fairly professional and trying to be objective.

It’s a difficult job trying to please everyone without making the software overly complex.

Specially with the features you have been asking for.

Unlike you, my posts have not been from a selfish POV. My list here had been intended to make AS a winner, with features which would make it a best seller and go viral. In deed I had been preparing a thread on how to do these with links, tips, etc which have nothing to do with the AS features, simply based on as it is now. Proven PR strategies & tactics I learnt professionally. Again nothing to do with me.

But now you are here, I am sure there is no further need for the likes of me.

Finally if that is how you address people out of the blue, I have to say there is little, if any, wisdom or point in your writings. I was brought up differently.

My last post was just facts and details as I see it professionally for AS to succeed and remain future-proof. Nothing for my benefit, but for the project.

Further, I summed up the essence of points in a new list.

Further more, I merely stated the ratio of time spent, most suggestions and future comments are in notes & not posted here yet, WRT to results seems to be not time well spent by me. That is an operational decision and again just professional, nothing personal.

Finally, I said I might return to posting them and further suggestions after foreseeable future when I will have time again to work on them analytically and structurally before posting. I do not post whatever post comes to my mind because of What I want or need as you say, because I did not get that pony when I was a kid. Just been trying to help a project I liked.

However your post with such gentle noble civil decent tone reminds me I might be better off deleting all my long notes on AS features/PR strategies and never post here again.

Have a good week vwatson.

Best wishes to Darren and the community.


Development of Atomic Scribbler and SmartEdit isn’t happening 24/7. I chisel out blocks of time between other jobs. So yes, there are often delays between releases. This is unlikely to change.

There are some interesting suggestions in this thread, some of which are on my to do list, some of which are not. As to which are on the list, I’ve learned the hard way not to say I’m definitely going to build something until it’s done.


You’re doing an excellent job, Darren. Even more, due to creating this product - and more features - in addition to your day job(s).

Some people should go and read your blog post “Why I built this software” again. It’s even part of its manual’s appendix. For anybody else who reads this feedback reply, the last paragraph of it reads as follows:

…And that’s why this third attempt at Atomic Scribbler has succeeded. It really doesn’t matter if 20% of users want a hosted solution, or 15% want an iOS app, or 40% want a pink unicorn. I designed Atomic to fit my vision of what software for writers should be, and I don’t expect that vision to match up with everyone else’s. But for 10% of creative writers, Atomic will be just perfect. And it will grow, slowly and with great care, changing so that it continues to meet the needs of a 10%.<<

That said, I’m glad that you find time and energy to code AS. Those who are within that group of creative writers will appreciate your efforts, and really have a unique tool at hand that’s just right for their kind of work. I’m sure that the group of creative writers, who prefer this software, will increase over time as well. Word about the software is spreading, and will have a positive effect in the long run. :slight_smile: