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Link/shortcut to file in Research?

New to SmartEdit Writer. I have looked at all the ways to add materials to Research:
Is there a way to add a link/shortcut to a file, rather than a full copy of the file ?
The reason I ask is that I use PDFs as source materials a lot, and they are kept in an organized folder structure elsewhere. I use several PDF readers to highlight/annotate sections within them. Those highlighted sections would often end up copy/pasted as text into SE Writer. The PDFs are opened in the PDF reader from that folder structure, highlighted in that way, and then saved back there. If I used the Add File option in Research I would end up with a second PDF copy stored in my SEW Project - with the possibility that I could inadvertently end up with different edits/highlights in the two versions.
An option to add just a link to the original PDF in its original location would avoid that problem (I notice that Scrivener has this option).

No, this isn’t possible in the current version. All bookmarks assume a web address - you can’t fit a local file address into a bookmark. It’s on the list of future additions, but there’s no time-frame on when it will be done.

Thanks for the reply. I understand the philosophy of SEW is not to overwhelm the user (or the coder !) with complexity. In the interests of maximum useful functionality with minimum feature/code bloat, that option could be simply “Add Link”. It would add a link to a browsed file OR Windows folder. Adding the possibility of adding a folder link (to the file link I originally queried) would cater to those who for example have a whole Windows folder of images, from which they wish to choose a significant number to add to their writing. The Link option also has the benefit of not adding more Research files to the stored Project folders.
In any case, I look forward to something like this in a future version.

I realise this is something of a pain, but now and then I do the following. Perhaps you’re already doing this. . . .

In the file browser, right-click on the PDF which is to be linked, and choose Create Shortcut. Then right-click the resulting shortcut and choose Properties. Then, in the shortcut properties panel, right-click on the Target, already highlighted, and choose Copy. Finally, return to SEW and click inside the Scene or Note, and right-click and choose Paste. (Or just press Ctrl-V.)

It ain’t pretty, but it’s a way to keep track of external PDFs, or any other kind of file.

I hope this helps,


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