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I wanted to check the licence details before buying but didn’t find any details on the way to paypalling you the money. I HAVE bought associated products in the past and learned my initial purchase did have a finite update policy. I see v1, v1.2 and v2 all in a relatively short period. Is the licence update process time-limited or major release limited or BEST IDEA EVER, UNlimited?

Technically, I have a dozen word processors at my finger tips. I have a system that is not all that different from the stated goals of Atomic Scribbler, but it has warts that AS covers. I have LibreOffice Writer and Word (which I don’t love), plus seventy-eleven notepad derivatives. As I mentioned, I also have an early version of Smart-Edit. Plus Persona, Liquid Story Binder and Contour. They toys are there, but I still don’t have MY targeted vision of a word processor that fits my needs (I’ll create a separate topic about name generator).

IS Atomic Scribbler the START of a project that accepts suggestions that can be optional so that each user can get THEIR word processor of choice. Or will the project be a tough sell to the creative mind behind it (Think Calibre, where there is a HUGE add-on support and several helping authors to Kovid Goyal. But if Kovid doesn’t think a feature matches HIS vision, then it doesn’t go in … speaking from a hit and miss suggestion-maker to that project, where I think Kovid has done what I THINK you are trying to create).

Answer that question and tell me about the licence upgrade process and I hope you convince me to become a customer.


The upgrade policy is outlined here: Upgrade Policy For New Releases

Basically, major and minor version numbers are irrelevant. A license comes with 12 months of free upgrades, after which you can continue using the last version you downloaded or pay for another 12 months upgrades. What that fee will be I can’t say, as we’re only in month 2 now.


I do have a vision for the product, but I’m also open to suggestions and feedback. But, I won’t be implementing features that a small number of users want. Unless I’m convinced that a particular feature will add benefit to the majority of users, it won’t be going in to the software.

There will be one product, not a product with 1,000 optional features. There will not be any features tucked away on “out of the way” menus because only 1% of users use them.

Atomic Scribbler won’t be for everyone. And it will be feature light, but with the core feature set as strong as I can make them.

It might not be the answer you’re looking for, but I hope that clarifies things for you.


I apologize. I moved directly from joining the forum to posting because I’d gone through the first part of the buying process first. (by the way, the exchange hit for Canadian dollars is a BIT steeper than the exchange rate lately. The vig is needed to float over day to day fluctuations, but, like in the comic book business, the vig looks almost like a profit center. PROBABLY not within your control, but we folk north of the 49th parallel can sometimes be a bit sensitive to the issue.

That said, it doesn’t obfuscate that I should have read the forum topics before posting. I did before the name generator post in terms of looking at the first post about that topic.

My apologies. GM


No problem.

Unfortunately, the exchange rate is outside my control. I’m not that impressed with the Euro rate either, but it’s just something I have to live with.