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This is a thread for notifying each other of latest releases, so if there is a new update please bump this thread and make us happy :slight_smile:

Latest Version Downloads:

Change Log (Version History):

Atomic Scribbler Update History:

Version 2.0 (November 1st, 2017)
New Research Tree — Add images, files and bookmarks (more info)
Global “Find in Project” (more info)
Find in Tree
Save a scene to an external file
“Go to tree” added to right click menu to jump from active scene or note to item in tree (Ctrl+G)
Shortcuts added for all Add actions
Add Folder [Ctrl+Shift+D]
Add Scene [Ctrl+Shift+S]
Add Note [Ctrl+Shift+N]
Add Image [Ctrl+Shift+M]
Add File [Ctrl+Shift+L]
Add Bookmark [Ctrl+Shift+B]
Shortcut changes to move between Document, Fragment and Research trees (F6, F7, F8)
PageFour Import tree positioning order maintained
Fixes to “Export as Single Document” process
Simple View status remembered after close

Version 2.11 (November 8th, 2017)
Fix to display issues with the Document tree
Fix to “Export as Single Document” scene order
Fix to non-Calibri default font not being remembered after closing
Fix to spell checking issue with em dashes
Fix to spell checking dialog not appearing
Scene “Save as” button renamed to “Export as”
Improvements to start up time for application
Improvements to display on high resolution monitors
Minor cosmetic changes — some icons on the word processor toolbar

Version 2.20 (December 3rd, 2017)
Additions to the Settings dialog to allow configuraion of default paragraph settings for new scenes and notes
Paragraph Settings button added to the Word Processor toolbar
The caption text now displays the Project name, followed the name of the currently active scene or note and its parent — Example: “Huckleberry Finn — Chapter 3 | Rubbing the lamp”
New icon in the Document tree to highlight the currently active scene or note
Adding a new scene now creates the new tab next to the currently opened tab, not at the end
New shortcut key to close the currently active scene (Ctrl+W)
Shortcut keys button added to the Help toolbar
A new Shortcuts page has been added to the website listing useful shortcut keys
The find dialog is now refreshed when the active scene changes
Indent first line option removed from the Settings dialog — superseded by paragraph default changes
Simple View and Print Layout buttons now always enabled on the Actions & Tools menu
Icon colour changes

Version 2.30 (February 22nd, 2018)
Drag and drop to move tabs around
Current tab is highlighted with blue text
Shortcut keys to navigate quickly between open tabs (Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab)
New right click menu to close tabs in bulk
Single click open for scenes and notes (option on Settings dialog)
Word count dialog expanded to show character count as well
New links on the Help toolbar to Knowledge Base articles
Super and subscript buttons removed from the word processor toolbar
Previously open Research tree scenes and notes remembered when opening a project
Various bug fixes as reported by users

Version 3.10 (March 14th, 2018)
A new dark theme has been added. Switch it on from the Settings dialog.
Daily word counts are now recorded and displayed in a new section.
New word count options added to the Actions & Tools menu.
The bookmark icon has been changed.
Various bug fixes.

Version 3.2 (March 23rd, 2018)
Download and install the latest release version here.
Close Atomic Scribbler if it is open
Click the button below to download
Run the installation program after download
Existing projects will be automatically upgraded