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Latest PDF Manual now available for SmartEdit Writer


Thanks to Hans for putting this together so quickly. The new PDF manual contains the entire Knowledge Base in a downloadable and well formatted PDF document. For new users, an introductory blog post comes first — useful if you want a brief overview of SmartEdit Writer.

A list of shortcut keys are positioned at the bottom of the PDF — a Ctrl+End will get you there in a hurry.

Download here


Wonderful job, Hans! What a great service to new users of SEW.



Thanks, Allen. An offline manual on the same computer is always a convenient reference. I make it as userfriendly as possible, and it certainly will grow over time. Depending on new features.

It helps to use the former experience, creating training manuals as an Avionics instructor. I took this job after working for years as a field engineer. Enabled me to stay in one place and to trade my [airline] gypsy life for family. :slight_smile:


How about taking the security off the PDF so we can print it?


The password protection is there to prevent a manual modification by users who downloaded it. That’s standard in many cases, and independent from allowed features (e.g. printing).

Writers usually want user manuals as a PDF to open it on their monitor. Since I know that we have a few forum members with vision issues, I focused on access settings for ‘impaired vision’.

However, I can send Darren the same manual again with an ‘high res’ printing allowed – in addition to the visual impaired feature. That’s no big deal and can be done tonight. Yet, it will be locked again to prevent modification.



Update: High-Res printing feature is now set as allowed (in addition to the extraction for visually impaired readers). Manual is on its way to Darren via email.



The PDF has been updated with Hans’s newest version. You might need to do a Ctrl+F5 as you download to ensure you’re getting the latest version.

This issue only affected downloads followed by opening the PDF after download in a desktop app. If you were opening the PDF in Chrome and then printing, it would have printed fine.