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Keeping scenes in order


Is there a way to keep the scenes in the order I placed them, without having to number them?
They seem to default to alphabetical order after importing the project, and it’s distracting and time consuming to have to sort them again, so I can continue my writing flow.
The problem with numbering is, as I combine or divide scenes, the numbers would change and create more side-work by having to stop and renumber them.


The import process, regardless of where it’s importing from, pulls files into scenes from a folder or sub-folders alphabetically – it’s no smarter than that. This would place “Chapter 10” before “Chapter 2” in the Document tree.

But once an import is complete, the sort order is always maintained in the order you specify inside Atomic Scribbler. The sort order inside an Atomic project is not related to the scene name at all, as the underlying files do not use the name of the scene at all – it’s stored separately. If you renamed “Chapter 10” to “Chapter 9 [2]” it stays in the same location unless you move it.


I’m not a techie, so please forgive my naivete. All I know is the scenes, for whatever reason, end up in alphabetical order regardless of what order they are meant. I thought I might have to put a number before each title to keep them in order (haven’t done that yet).
I was hoping for an easier way.
Thanks for the response.


You can drag and drop them into a new order, and A.S. will remember the new location


Hi Glen, thanks for the response.
The point of the post is to figure out a way to keep them in order when AS forgets (as it has 3 times already), without having to drag them back to where they belong. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry! I missed that part! But in truth, that’s never happened to me.


I’d assumed it was the original or repeated imports that was causing the issue, but if you’re finding that your scenes are being rearranged after you’ve moved them around, then that certainly shouldn’t be happening.

Does this happen every time you close and re-open a project, or only now and then? And when it does occur, is every scene, folder and note impacted or only some scenes?


It’s intermittent, and seems to be everything under “Chapter 1”.
All folders, and scenes in the folders are alphabetical.
When it happens again, I’ll take better note of the details, and maybe figure out how to take a screenshot of the tree for you.


If it does happen again, try creating a new Chapter 1, and dragging the scenes from the currnt Chapter 1 to the new one. The new parent Chapter might prevent it from recurring.


Thank you, Darren. I will try that. :open_file_folder::slightly_smiling_face: