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Just want to say thanks For Atomic Scribbler


I’ve been using A.S. for about 3-4 weeks now, and I am ready to start writing. While I did do some planning outside of Atomic Scribbler, particularly mind mapping and Timeline development, all character development and note-taking were done with A.S. In the past I had done my planning with a little hierarchical note-taking app called “AllMyNotes”. But I quickly realized that Atomic Scribbler is every bit as good for that function as a standalone app.

Having been a software developer and project manager, myself, I understand the temptations that feature creep offers a developer, that "how cool would it be if. . . " is irresistible at times. But you’ve got a good product as-is!

Keep it ‘lean and mean’. BTW, SmartEdit is on my Birthday and/or Christmas wish list!

OK, I’m done gushing!


Glad you’re finiding Atomic useful Glen. The recent version 5 actually removed some buttons – keeping it lite is an absolute focus.