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Is it possible to automatically close the Project Manager after selecting a project?


Good morning
It is annoying that we have to always manually close the Project Manager after we selected a Project to work with. We don’t need the Project Manager until we would like to change to another project. This will happen after some hours.

Therefore the question: is it possible to change any configuration, so that the Project Manager gets automatically closed?

It the Project Manager is really that important, then the usual and useful way is to add a Keyboard Shortcut like Ctrl O - and display this Shortcut in the Tooltip of the “Project Manager” Icon.

Kind regards,


There’s no configuration change that will close this automatically for you in the current version. However, there’s really no reason to close it at all, as it uses very little memory and always sits at the back once you have a project open – you should never see it.

I might look at a configurable option for this, but this is the first time it’s been raised as an issue.


Hi Darren
Thank you very much for thinking about to make it configurable.

Of course, I do not think about memory, but about the usability:
imagine that every Software on your computer would behave like Atomic Scribbler and keeps the File or Project Open Dialog permanently open: then, you will have 50% of your application Windows which are … just annoying :slight_smile:

Here, the usability issue is, that the Open Project Dialog is displayed in the Windows Manager list, e.g. if one uses Alt-Tab to switch between applications.

During the whole day, we would like to use the Open Project Dialog just two or three times - but we have to decide all the day to not jump to this dialog. It is always displayed and we almost always have to skip it.

Or depending on the setting of the task manager, Atomic Scribbler gets two windows in the Taskbar. Therefore, we can not just click once to the Atomic Scribbler icon to open it: Windows displays the mostly useless Open Project Dialog and the application Windows and we always have to decide for the real target window.

Maybe, this is no problem if someone just writes stories. But we are full time “technical workers” (Project Managers, Software engineers, Requirements engineers, etc.) and at this moment, I have more than 15 active applications. Therefore it is very helpful if almost never used Dialogs do not offer an additional target in the task manager.


Thanks for the explanation. I’ll see if I can put an option into the next release.