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Internal linking


I’ve been a great fan of TreePad Business for many years, but sadly it does not cut the mustard when writing a novel, however the one function I used to love was the ability to add links in the text that would open the corresponding article window. Could it be possible to add this function into the ‘insert hyperlink’ options, but this time link opens the chapter, scene or note? I could see this as a very valuable tool, especially in the notes sidebar, when perhaps you are making notes about how this scene the effects another?

If this function already exists, could someone give me guidance?



This dosn’t exist yet. I’ve always planned to extend the external bookmarks feature to also allow bookmarks to other scenes, notes, etc. But embedding these links into the text of a scene would be a lot more difficult.

At the moment, the scene is stored as a small Word document, which can be opened by any word processor that can handle Word documents. Introducing native linking to the scene that would only have meaning inside a specific Atomic Scribbler project would break the ability of other programs to read and fully understand the document.


It might be practical to store local location references inside non printing comments, however Word tags them, and then AS could handle them in its own unique manner.

Just a thought you’ve probably already considered…