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Intermittent freezing issues

Whenever I’m working on my project, I’ve noticed that about fifteen to thirty minutes after opening the app, there comes a point when it freezes while I’m typing. It only lasts a few seconds at a time, but it’s a recurring thing, sometimes happens two or three times consecutively, and is pesky to deal with when I’m in stream of consciousness.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Are the devs aware and if so, will there be a fix for it anytime soon?


I haven’t noticed this myself, and haven’t heard from anyone else who has. One thing you could try: on the Settings dialog, switch off the “Keep a daily word count” option. This option triggers a word count of your project just before midnight if you’re working at that time. It’s the only automated event that might slow down the app for a few seconds.

I turned off both the ‘keep a daily word count’ and ‘show scene word count on toolbar’ options under general settings, and it’s still doing it :confused:

When it happens again, can you send me the SmartEdit Writer log file for that day. If there’s an error of some kind causing it, this might help. This post outlines how to locate the log file.

Does it happen while you are working in any other application long enough?


Usually, the only other applications I have running in addition are my Chrome and Discord. Though tbh, because of the way it happens, I don’t think it would make any difference if I ran Writer by itself or simultaneously. Time will tell, I guess lol