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Installation issues with Windows Smart Screen


We’ve had a few reports of users having problems installing Atomic Scribbler due to the Windows Smart Screen blocking the installation. The issue tends to occur with the Microsoft Edge browser.

SmartScreen identifies software as potentially problematic if it’s new software, hasn’t been downloaded a lot of times (think 100s of 1000s), or is published by a software company that is not a household name. Atomic Scribbler can fall foul of any one of these despite being perfectly safe to install.

If you encounter any issue with Smart Screen when installing, you need to change the Smart Screen settings to allow the install. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Windows Defender security center and select App & Browser control (first screenshot below.)
  2. Scroll down until you reach “SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge” and change the setting from Block to Warn. (second screenshot below)
  3. Re-download and run the installation again.
  4. Change the SmartScreen setting back to Block if you wish.


Thanks for the info, Darren. Looks like this affects only those who run Windows Defender.
Personally, I never had any issues because Win Def is off on my computer.

I run ZoneAlarm as firewall, and Norton AV as anti-virus and malware protection instead.
Third party software setups as firewall and AV are on my systems since Win 2k.
Works just fine without any installation issues.


Windows Defender has a poor ranking globally for defending, so I use Webroot which takes over those functions and allows me to approve downloads and installations from unknown sites on a case by case basis.

At the time I acquired it, Webroot was the top performing defence against malware, virus and phishing as well as the fastest lightest overhead on web operations.