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I'm apparently a dummy. How do you close/minimize the SmartEdit Editor?


This thing! It remains open after checking the document and I’d like it to bugger off and give me my workspace back. =)

I’d recommend adding a right-click context menu to the editor so that it’s easy to close, especially if you can’t fit in a little x somewhere in the top right.

Edit: I was able to get rid of it by opening a note and then closing that, since apparently opening something else that occupies that space simply replaces it. Interesting workaround.

You need to click the SmartEdit Editor button on the main toolbar. Each section on the left or right can be toggled on or off by switching the appropriate button on or off.

No wonder I couldn’t find it – the button to close the Editor is on the Project tab, not the Editor tab. If you have the SmartEdit Editor open and selected, and you’re on the Editor tab messing with its settings, there is no way to actually close it from there.

Bit of awkward design, that.