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I thought I read somewhere


Am I understanding this correctly, that SmartEdit does NOT NEED THE INTERNET to work? If that’s true, then it’s a big plus. I use ProWritingAid, but you need to be online for it to run, and that drives me bug-shagging crazy! The only way I can get an internet connection is by using a mobile hot spot from my phone. I get 10 GB of data a month, so I have to keep tabs on how much data I’m using up. I use the Scrivener/ PWA combo, but I keep Atomic installed… I don’t know, just in case, I get the urge to use something different. To mix things up and get a little variety going.


Nope! Internet not required! In fact Darren has made it clear that Local storage of the project is the desired storage location. (Though, I’ve not had any problems storing my stuff on MS OneDrive)


That may be a game-changer… it’s just going to take some time to save for it. Who says I can’t have both? The bottom line is money, that stuff is always an issue with me.


I love the no-internet needed part of this. I like to stay offline as it helps me focus.