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I only wish... I would've held out a little longer


I just bought Scrivener three days ago, and I only wish I would’ve held out to buy Smart-Edit. I started reading the forums and realized that perhaps I made a mistake. I bought Scrivener because that’s all I ever hear people talk about, and I had a 20% off coupon. Now that I own it, Scrivener…Scrivener is like, rocket science. I was reading their forums and all I ever read is people having problems with it. Maybe because no one wants to read the manual? I don’t know. What I do know is Atomic Scribbler has a nice feel to it. It’s kind of like a light heavyweight version of Scrivener, only it looks prettier than Scrivener! I found out about A.S. because I was using Page Four. I use it for journaling every day (I average around 2,000 to 5,000 words a pop). But, I raced ahead and bought Scrivener, then I started to read the forums for A.S. and it’s nothing but positive stuff. I was like, shit! I messed up. Since I already paid for the thing, I have to learn how to use Scrivener. I’ll probably end up using both programs. It’s going to take a little time to save up for S.E. because I don’t have the money to throw around. To get the full monty with A.S. I need S.E. that’s all there is to it. It sucks because now I feel locked in and stuck with Scrivener. A.S. looks really cool. Snazzy name, too, by the way.


I have to laugh at this! I’m in the same boat! I bought Scrivener 3-4 months ago, and THEN discovered A.S. I probably would not have bought Scrivener if I had known about Atomic Scribbler.

In my eyes, Atomic Scribbler is a MUCH better writing environment than Windows Scrivener, but when it comes to planning and the pre writing, “Thinky stuff”, I think Scrivener is better than Atomic Scribbler. (Though both are reasonably competent at both).

As a result, I can’t decide which I like better. I love the idea of how SmartEdit integrates so smoothly with Atomic Scribbler. As far as I know no other Writing app has such a tight integration with a post writing editing app. BUT then I think, SmartEdit for Windows would give me the same benefits as that integration.

I’m in a state of paralysis at this point. I will likely wait until Scrivener 3 for Windows has gone commercial before I decide, BUT, I’m pretty sure I will buy SmartEdit either way.


I used Scrivener for years, but switched to A.S. because of SmartEdit. I use A.S. exclusively now (over Scrivener).

Yeah, Scrivener has more bells and whistles - most of which are not necessary and make it more intimidating to use. Atomic Scribbler just feels comfortable to me.


If you avoid all the confusing features, especially print formatting, Scrivener can simulate a pretty simple writing environment. Of course, if you’re looking for a real simple writing environment then AS is a better choice! But still, I was pretty happy with Scrivener when I stopped trying to take advantage of all the features and just used the document tree and the full-screen writing mode (which hides everything but your writing!). It’s too bad the learning curve is so steep – it really needn’t be, but I found the documentation and some of the “helpers” on the forum to be a bit obtuse.

I am still happy with Scrivener for very complex (read: huge) collections of ideas in a variety of areas, but that may just be from habit. I haven’t tried to move the gigantic tangles of fragments I have in Scrivener – it’s too frightening to contemplate. Still, it would be a good test for AS as it becomes more established in the market, so maybe I should try as a favor to Darren…

If you just bought Scrivener 4 days ago, I would think you could get a refund. It’s worth a try!



Now that some time has passed, I take back that wish. I’m glad I bought Scrivener. Sure it’s overwhelming when you first fire it up. I’m sure almost everyone, who buys it say, WTF!? What is all of this shit?! So, I rooted around in it, taking a long gander at what’s under the hood. I adapted to the layout and got a feel for it. Something about it “clicked” with me, and suddenly, I was jazzed about the investment. Why did I choose Scrivener? Everyone in the writing community at some point mentions it, so I had to scope out the situation. There I was, sitting on the fence, wondering which way to go. The deal-breaker was when Atomic wasn’t offering a discount for Smart-Edit. Scrivener is always ready to chop off 20% of its asking price. It was an easy decision to make, and I’m happy that I went this route. This is my humble opinion. Initially, it was about the money, but now it’s about what fits and feels right for me. Sorry, Atomic Scribbler. Had you offered a discount… you would’ve had another customer, even though I would still want Scrivener.


Are you paid by Scrivener to post here? Pretty sad that you would trash a free program like Atomic Scribbler. :frowning:

Smart Edit is worth the price. If programmers can’t make money, they can’t continue to develop software. As a programmer myself, I understand and appreciate how much work it is for Darren to develop these programs.


No one is paying me anything, it’s just my opinion, nothing is written in stone here. I like Scrivener. Atomic Scribbler is my backup for when I need a breather from Scrivener’s step learning curve I heard so much about. I also posted about SmartEdit being a plus when I found out you don’t need the internet for it to work. I didn’t know that at first and it’s something I’ll keep in mind. So, again, no, Scrivener isn’t paying me LOL, that would be pretty low for them to do that with all the money they make.


Just seemed an unnecessary post and your negativity potentially discouraging to future users. I don’t go on Scrivener’s forum and post about how I’d rather use A.S.


Watson, feel free to ignore my ranting! Last time I checked, it’s still a free country, where different people have different opinions and thoughts. Where I’m from 85 to 90% of the population, myself included, are high-strung, wound up too tight, we’re feisty, spirited, and quick to fucking anger. I took the plunge and bought Scrivener because it was cheaper! I knew it was hard to learn, based on a lot of different opinions, all saying the same thing. My dumb-ass didn’t know it would be THAT complicated, and I’ve emailed them frequently asking what’s with the rocket science!? I told them I felt like they robbed me of my money. They kept directing my attention to the forums and video tutorials, so eventually some stuff, I finally understood. I got bent out of of fucking shape and hot under the collar SmartEdit wouldn’t offer a discount. I’m sure Darren is a big boy and has thick skin. Not everyone is going to be satisfied. On the flip-side of that same coin, I am willing to support him now, I just don’t have the money. S.E. not needing the internet is a potential game-changer. Who says I can’t use both A.S. and Scrivener?


No problem. I didn’t mean to be offensive either. I’d just like to see A.S. take off. It’s a good program. And, SmartEdit as well. I love both of them. Honestly I use A.S. every day.


I was a long time Scrivener user, on Mac and then Windows. Both live on my hard drive, but I find myself using AS over S. For speed and simplicity, AS cannot be beaten. Yes, S is complicated - but I don’t really consider that a plus! But, as with all writing: use whatever works. I find AS does not get in the way of the work; I do not find that with S.


I hear you, Jon. Scrivener is a heavyweight contender, and so many writers swear by it. That was part of the reason why I bought it. My initial response when I first fired it up, was holy shit, what did I get myself into? I let it sit there on the hard drive for a couple of weeks collecting “computer dust.” After watching tutorials and reading Scrivener for Dummies, I sort of eased my way back in. IT IS COMPLICATED, more than it needs to be, I would say. Since I spent money on it, I figured I might as well start using it. I do like it now, but it seems like it’s geared toward gathering and organizing research material. Using it along with Evernote, I no longer have tons of shit scattered all over the place. At the bottom of Scrivener’s web site, it has useful links and it does recommend Atomic Scribbler… no horse-shit.