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How to store your working files elsewhere than bog standard


if the default location is inconvenient or unavailable as in my case but my working files for most of my software is on my G drive because, just because.
Its complicated.
There is a way to specify the location for backup files which I use, why cannot I use another location. Hint my C drive is solid state for speed, but the working files are on a much bigger drive, with backups in the cloud and on a hard wired external one. Two other drives house alternate operating systems.

My apologies to Darren for using the word bog,
If it is offensive, I will de bog this topic title


I keep all the AS files on my V drive, because of exactly the same reasons.
No problem at all.
Using the shortcuts I open my projects at once, bypassing the Project Manager.
Just RTFM. :slight_smile:


As Zuhel suggested, you can place all your projects anywhere you wish. If the drive in not always accessible, then they may not always appear in the list in the Project Manager, but can still be opened by using the Open Project button or by double clicking on the atomic.scribbler file inside the individual project folder. This is the shortcut Zuhel is referring to.

The above screenshot is the Huck Finn sample project inside “Documents/Atomic Scribbler”, but it could just as easily be placed in a folder on your G drive.


I had the same question, and realized that was a problem only after the project was created- I didn’t see a way to move them. But at the time of creation, you specify where to store the project. There’s just no way to change it after that time that I was able to find, which was good enough for me.

As far as backups, automatic backups can be configured under Settings > Backups


In the backup dialog when you manually backup, it gives a location, i.e. under the Make Backup action on the Action & Tools tab, the first thing it asks you is to Browse for Folder.

I hope that helps.