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How To Save "Versions" of a Project?

Hello. I see that SmartEdit Writer saves the project you are working on automatically. Awesome. Now, is there some sort of “Save As” feature for versioning? For example, let’s say I have my writing at a specific place, but I want to make some major changes to what I’ve written. Since I may end up not liking this direction and returning to what I had originally, is there a “Save As” so I can create “versions”? For example, perhaps I want to start a project as Project1_Dec_15. Then, in January, I might want to save it as Project1_Jan_8. This way, if I end up making major changes and want to revert back to the previous ones, I could just load Projec1_Dec_15 and go from there. Having various versions allows me to go back and see what I was thinking or grab something from an older change if I need it.

Is the only way to do this in SmartEdit Writer to start a New Project and open the old one in it or some such?

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

Actually, I don’t see any good way to “version” a project in SmartEdit Writer. So, if anyone knows how to do this properly (if it’s possible at all), please let me know. Thanks.

I suppose this is done via creating a backup of your project?

Yes – backups are the best way of doing this. If you have automatic backups switched on, the backup will be taken each time you close a project.

Thank you. However, this is not a very good way to do it, right? I mean, if I make numerous changes over the course of several sessions and then decide to go back to what I had previously, there would be no way to do this as the software would have automatically backed up each time I had closed the project. I would be able to go back one iteration and that’s it. Instead, it would be better to be able to simply Save As and save out Project1A, Project1B, etc. and then be able to load in the one needed.

I suppose one could backup their project, go to the project folder and copy it someplace else to save a particular iteration, but that’s kind of a PITA, isn’t it?

Can I recommend that Save As be added to SmartEdit Writer in the future, please?


A SmartEdit Writer project is not a single file, it’s a folder filled with files. Over time, a decent sized project can have many thousands of files. A Save as option, which works quickly for a single-file Word document, is not the best method of copying a SmartEdit project. The backup feature, whether automated or triggered manually by you, zips the project up and compresses those files into a single archive.

This is the best method of copying a project, despite the fact that you might have to manually rename the backed up project to one more user friendly to your workflow.

Thank you for your reply. In another, similar software, which shall not be named, it also has a number of files saved for each ‘scene’, folder, etc. Even so, it has a Save As feature that allows you to save your project as a new name. This results in a new file that serves to load the entire project and a new folder for the newly saved project. Thus, you end up with multiple sets of project files, all neatly stored in their own folder(s). As a result, you can always go back to a previously saved version (provided it is under a different name) and access it should you need to. So, Save As can indeed work. It does elsewhere.

I like SmartEdit Writer and want to use it. But some of these simple features it’s missing, such as Save As (or something equivalent) is causing me to rethink this.

I remember PageFour having a snapshot feature. I think that’s what it was called. You’d take a “snapshot” of your project then be able to make as many changes as you wanted, knowing you could always revert back to the time you took the shot.

A nice feature. Maybe SmartEdit could use something similar?

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In the next day or so Bits Du Jour will have a sale on for AJC Active Backup. I use that for BOTH programming AND for versioning my SEW files. It’s low-maintenance, low resource, low cost and JUST PLAIN WORKS. Now, if you want to version a file, you have KNOW which file to root through the change history of it. It defaults to backwards order of files that have changed. Sooooo, it’s dollars to donuts you can figure it out. Then run the versions through a compare utility (I prefer WinMerge, others might have heavyweight comparison tools at hand). You can revert, see differences, note them, go back and compare two OTHER versions of the file, etc. For the price you’ll get on sale, it’s really just a required tool for any files you change regularly and want to be able to go back to that 2004 version that didn’t have all the bugs you inserted into it trying to ‘freshen’ the file. I speak from experience, and relief I COULD do that. Not employed by the company, far from it, I’ve had my public differences with the programmer. BUT IT WORKS. Check it out.