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How to move project from one computer to another?

I’m currently switching computers and have had some problems moving my project from my desktop to laptop. I load it onto my hard drive, and put it on much new computer, but all the content in each file deletes on the new computer and the project does not show up on my menu. Any ideas what I can do?


Have you tried making a backup then moving the backup file and importing the BU file to the new computer?

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Assuming your projects are stored in your “Documents/SmartEdit Writer” folder, have you copied the entire contents of this folder from your old PC to your new PC, or are you only copying selected files or folders?

You need to copy every project folder, then open the Project Manager and browse to that project folder to open each one. See the “Open Project” section at the bottom of this topic in the Knowledge Base for a fuller description of this:

Yep I figured it out. I made a backup of it and transferred that. Thanks for your help everyone.