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How to disable special characters

I’m really tired of typing “I didn’t know.” etc. only to end up with Ï didn’t know with no quotes because of course pressing enter swallows the last quote too. I have to constantly go back and fix it all while writing. My keyboard is set to US. I want the characters I press to appear immediately and I don’t want any special characters that aren’t part of the language.

Seeing there’s no setting for this at all, is there a way I can disable this behavior in the files somewhere?

I don’t understand what’s happening from your description — it’s not something any other user has ever reported. Can you take a short video of your screen as it happens so that I can get a better picture of what’s going in.

If you’re using Windows 10 you can take a video of your screen by following the Windows Game Bar steps on this page:

@liam - Does this happen in any other software? I’m unaware of any such feature in SEW. It sounds like an add-on keystroke processor of some kind, like Windows HotKeys or some such, or a utility designed to facilitate entering diacritical characters (such as a custom keyboard driver). I recall using these compound keystrokes to produce accented characters in earlier versions of Windows, but I’m afraid I don’t remember how that feature was turned on or off.