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How-To-Change Hotkey Settings?


The “Ctrl-Alt-M” hotkey setting is conflicting with another program. Is there a way to change the key assignments?

Thanks for any ideas,


Hi Roger,

You can’t change the hot keys at this time. It’s something we might add support for later, but it’s not on the plan at the moment.


Thank you for the reply.

I don’t see a setting to enable “Check for Updates” in the settings or other areas. How are updates to Atomic Scribbler broadcasted to user?


The current version doesn’t check for updates. This will be going in to the next version, about a week from now.


Thanks for the update. Is there any chance this thread could be used to let me know, or would it be best if I checked back in 10-days?


We’re aiming for early next week. But it will be posted here when it’s ready.