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How do I import PageFour Notebooks?


If you have PageFour installed on your PC, you will see an “Import PageFour Notebook” button on the actions menu toolbar.

On clicking this button, you will be presented with a list of PageFour Notebooks on your PC. Selecting one will import all files and folders from that Notebook into your current Atomic project.

However, any password protected files in PageFour will NOT be imported, as there is no facility for password protected files in Atomic.



When I import my PageFour Notebooks, the pages import but they are all empty.


Sounds like a similar issue reported a few days ago, where the problem lay with PageFour importing text files that were then not changed and re-saved inside PageFour. See this topic:


That’s exactly the same issue. When I navigated to the PageFour folder, the pages imported successfully. I guess that’s the best way to import those PageFour notebooks.