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How do I copy a project to a usb stick?


An Atomic project is not a single file. It’s a folder of files. If you are copying a project onto a USB drive, you should copy the entire project folder.

To identify your project folder, open the Project Manager and select “Go to location” from the drop down menu for the project you wish to copy. This location is the folder you need to copy.

In the screenshot above, the single atomic.scribbler file is NOT sufficient. You must copy the entire parent folder “Huckleberry Finn” onto your USB drive - circled in red.

When you are dropping or copying this folder onto your second PC, never overwrite an existing folder, as this will merge two folders full of files, and may lead to corruption or duplication of data.

If a project with the same name already exists, you should rename the new project folder, then double click the atomic icon inside the folder to open it.

Remember, multiple projects with the same name can exist. A project name is NOT defined by its folder name, it is whatever name you gave it inside Atomic. This means that if you have coppied the “Huckleberry Finn” project three times, and renamed the folders “Huckleberry Finn (1)”, (2), (3), etc., each project name is still “Huckleberry Finn.”

Ensure you open the correct project from the Project Manager by using the Open Project button, or double click the atomic file.