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Highlighting Tool Suggestion


I have been using SEW for a while now and I consider myself to be quite the fan the longer I use it. I don’t think there’s any part of SEW that I don’t love, but I do find myself wishing for one tool that would help my writing process exponentially, and that’s a color highlighter.

Adding a highlighting tool would be so useful to so many writers, I believe, for many different types of writing. I use highlighting immensely in both creative writing and academic writing as a way to alert my eyes to something. Since SEW doesn’t have a color-coding system, I think adding a highlighting tool could boost the program for those who are color-oriented, even if there are only two or three colors to choose from. Changing the text color doesn’t stand out enough to me, because highlighting creates a block that is not easily overlooked when scrolling through scenes quickly.

I genuinely believe this could be a useful tool, so I hope you consider my suggestion!

Thank you so much for your amazing work, and have a great day.


Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn’t really considered adding highlighting before, but I can see how it could be useful. I’ll add it to the list and consider it for a future release.