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Help: Win10 System Buff Needed!

Guys, I have an OS issue since the latest Win10 update roll out, and hope that you can held me. It’s not SmartEdit related but MS and Win10 OS.

Here is the scoop:
For years now, I never logged in to my MS account [booting my PC], but always preferred to used my ‘Local’ Win account. That was taken away from me with the latest patch roll out two days ago.
MS updated and after restart I found myself with a desktop that showed only the Recycle Bin and Edge browser. Account checking showed that I was in my MS account.
All my programs are still there at [Start], but opening any of them, they welcome me with registration, requesting S/N, etc. Just like a complete new installation.

So, I headed over to the ‘Settings’ again, and selected to ‘log in with my local account’. Result: MS starts with ‘Preparing Windows’, and tells me after a short time that they couldn’t log me in. Instead, they gave me a ‘temporary ID’.
The temporary ID let’s me work on my PC, but they tell me that everything will be lost and can’t be saved [for good].
Turns out, that MS left my original user account untouched, and created an additional TEMPxxxxx sub-folder under USER, and runs the user account from there.
The moment I restart - or shut my PC down - they clean the Temp folder, and create a new one the next time I boot the PC again, leaving all the empty temp folders as trash behind.

I can do this over and over again. The above description is repetitive. Tried everything to battle MS’ procedure for two days, but to no avail.
I didn’t lose my data since they are on drive ‘D:’.

So, I restored my last good system backup, went to ‘Settings’ and postponed any updates until Feb 28. At least I can work this way now, but it’s a bandage as everything starts all over again on Feb 28.
Does anyone has an idea or a workaround for this? Darren, Allen, or one of your other seasoned sys buffs? I want my Local account working again. I certainly scratch my head and go in circles. :frowning:

Thanks guys,

Hans, I am worried that it sounds as if your account might have become corrupted by the Windows’ update. I think that you should back up everything from that account before anything else, and then get in touch with Microsoft as soon as you can via their forums. I seem to recall hearing about this problem with a very large Windows 10 update, but not again since late 2018. I would have hoped that they had figured out how to prevent this during patch delivery by now.
But definitely make sure you have backups, in case you have to create a new local account and destroy the old one, or reset the OS.

Thanks for your answer, Morrie. I’ll get in touch with MS via their forums. Yet there might be some other issues involved too. Obviously on MS’ side.
Before I blocked MS updates, I wanted to see whether it was a glitch during their update. Did a restore from my latest sys backup (I use a third party backup software, not the one that comes with Win10).
Everything ran fine afterwards, and I let MS install the updates again. This time I shut the PC down instead of restarting it.
However after booting the PC again, I faced the same issue. That’s when the goose chase began, and I tried every angle but without success.
You could be right with your idea of a corrupt account.

Yet, my neighbor knocked on my door not long ago and was frantic. He’s just a user, nothing else. Went over to his apartment and looked at his monitor to figure out what he was talking about.
He got the same message - bright red across the monitor. His PC acts the very same way, now that he let MS update.
So, maybe MS screwed up again and issues a patch in a few days. that’s another option. If that’s the case, then pausing my updates for over a week would save me.
Guess I could hear about it in their forums. Didn’t think about it. Just be aware of complications arising. At least two PCs now, with the same weird login issue, seems very odd.

If your neighbour is now experiencing it as well, it sounds very much like Microsoft screwed up again, especially since they have created this problem with patch updates before. I will be postponing this update now for a while personally.

Morrie, you had the right idea. I went to the [MS] forum and it’s filling with the same issues on many computers. It’s the February 11 rollout and according to the reports there, MS Help Desk could solve it in some cases with remotely uninstalling KB4532693, Yet it didn’t help in all cases. They mention same reports coming in in multiple languages.

It’s clear now that MS messed up. The only way now is - for everybody - to go in Settings and pause/block updates for 7 or 14 days as long as the rollout is not downloaded yet. My backup was done just a day before the messy update, and it saved my back. I blocked til the 28th of Feb.

There is nothing we can do, except blocking while the PC works fine, and waiting for MS to solve the issue. That goes for everybody here in this forum.
Thanks for the input, Morrie. I really didn’t think about their forums.


Thank you to yourself for the heads up. I paused updates on a friend’s computer to save them headaches, the update has not been installed on their PC yet. Unfortunately it has already been installed on my own computer, but I have not had any problems accessing my account yet (hoping, hoping, hoping). Which is good, because I too only use local accounts.

I hope that MS resolves this mess soon.

Scary scenario there Hans. I’m guessing there’s another trigger at play apart from just the Local account, otherwise everyone who doesn’t use a MS account would be affected. Regardless, I’ve switched off my own updates for a couple of weeks and double checked the backups.

To pause/block MS’ rollout and their updates is the only protection right now.
BTW, when I’m talking about the MS account, I mean the Win10 account, everybody get forced to have. It starts already with the installation of Win10 on a blank HD. MS tries to ‘make you’ to boot your PC every time through a MS account. Takes a few steps to refuse multiple times, to get Win10 installed with a local account.

If you go to MS Support forum and check the top issue about February 11 rollout, you can read complaint after complaint after complaint from all over the place. All with the same issue (see my top description). People swear and are mad as hell at MS.
One of them says, that the latest rollout screwed both of his PC up, and that one of them is a DELL he just bought. Everybody is complaining and calling MS something I don’t want to repeat here. :slight_smile:

BTW, there is a difference that most people don’t care about as they are sheer users. MS apparently rolled out two different updates.
One is for Win10, version 1864 (I believe that was it was).
The other one is for Win10, version 1903 and 1909. That’s the one which messes everybody’s PC up. So it seem to be Win10 build related.
If Morrie’s PC updated fine, then he might have not version 1903 or 1909 installed.

I have version 1909. Perhaps I got lucky, or perhaps the worst will be upon me soon. But unlike my friend’s computer, which was bought with Windows 10 three years ago or so, mine was upgraded last-minute to Windows 10 from a budget Windows 7 that I bought nine years ago or something. That might have impacted the response. It has always been incredibly slow, laggy, buggy and frustrating ever since buying it, but I have never had it actually break on me yet.

FWIW, I just installed 1909 on three machines, and none of them had this problem. It’s a truly terrifying possibility, though, and I would never have gone through with the updates if I had heard about this in time.

It’s hard to believe that MS can’t manage these things. But then, it’s also hard to believe so many of their important apps (OneDrive, Outlook, etc.) have so many flaws that similar products from other vendors don’t have. They seem to have all their attention on managing vast complexity, and very little attention on customer satisfaction. Surveying “features” that casual users think they want is not the way to achieve customer satisfaction, and in the end EVERY product or service is essentially the customer satisfaction itself.

Sigh. Flame off.


Morrie, I got my Win10 version off the shelf about three years ago. That’s been the time when I built me a new computer. That’s the one that got messed up.
My wife’s Win10 is an upgrade from her former Win7 version. That rollout is always later and I blocked hers before it could happen.
My neighbor’s Win10 - the one that got messed up - was bought off the shelf here in Malta about 5 months ago and installed together with a new 1TB HD.

The complaints can read here:

Just scroll below the release info and read the replies, all about the same complaint. At the moment of writing this, there are 7 pages with angry complaints. MS is apparently aware of it and ‘works’ on it. Whatever that means in their terminology. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I have been following that forum. What a disaster. MS needs to get themselves together, for the same reasons that Allen already covered.

Yep! You and Allen hit the nail on the head.
I’m really tired of MS. I deal with their BS since DOS 3.3 now. The most stable version [in 32 bit] was WinXP. I happily switched early to Win7 with 64 bit, tweaked it, and selected the patches I needed while skipping all others.
Unfortunately these times are over with Win10.

For me, Linux Ubuntu looks better and better now. :slight_smile:
The only reason not to switch are several of my tools, which really need Windows. There is a Linux application available, called ‘crossover’, which allows some but not all Win apps to run in Linux. Yet, I’m almost sure that SEW might not run there because it relies heavily on MS Framework and the latest patches.

Native Linux applications like Libre Office, SoftMaker Office, plus several PDF Pro editor versions, and of course Firefox are on the market too.

There is a dual boot option, offered with Ubuntu, to run it parallel on a Win10 machine. One can download the latest Ubuntu OS from their web as an ISO file (1.5GB). It’s sitting on my download drive already.

I may give it a try next months when I’ve more time. Maybe it’s worth to have at least some alternative available, apart from a working system backup, done with 3rd party software. :slight_smile: