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[Help - Bug?] All Projects Gone - OneDrive AtomicLog Error

I searched all recent topics but could not find anything. When I try to open SmartEdit, I get this pop-up.

Microsoft OneDrive

Deleted files are removed everywhere

Files you delete from your OneDrive are no longer available across your devices or on the web. You can restore them from your OneDrive recycle bin within 30 days.

When I click to open my recycle bin and restore the files, the date & time they are shown to have been deleted is the time I just tried to open the program. I try to restore the files, and then try to open them again, only I get the same alert with new/different files showing as recently deleted. There is nothing in my SmartEdit Writer folder besides the default sample project. I do not have a recent backup of my current project.

The last time I used the program was two days ago and my computer had crashed while the program was open but not actively in use. Could this be part of why this is happening?

Any help would be appreciated. I am desperate to restore my recent projects and will be heartbroken if they are gone for good. I don’t think I could start again at this point.

The log files are not part of your project. They are automatically deleted when they’re more than 3 days old. You shouldn’t be restoring these log files as they’ll only be deleted the next time you open SmartEdit Writer.

You need to browse to wherever you created your project and open it directly. This section of the Knowledge Base outlines how to do that:

SmartEdit Writer never deletes or moves your project.

However, there is a wider issue here. You should NEVER work on a SmartEdit Writer project inside a cloud folder like OneDrive. Doing so will, eventually, lead to corruption of projects.