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Great Software!


This isn’t a commercial or anything, I just wanted to thank Darren for creating A.S. and S.E. :slight_smile:

I literally use A.S. every day. I probably have a dozen projects in there right now - some fiction, non-fiction, plus video courses. It streamlines the writing process and keeps me organized.


Thanks Vicki. There’s a new version coming out very soon with some UI changes that should make everything faster and easier to use. More intuitive at least.


I agree 100%, keep going. I hope it stays simple. The only thing I wish it has was to keep text wrapped in the window when you zoom in. I have bad eyes, This is one of the few features in Word I wish AS had. SmartEdit for Word user here.


@j7d: Agreed! I’m a longtime Scrivener user who’s been trying AS the past few days and also loving it.

About your suggestion: are you using Print View or Simple View?

I ask because I just tried Simple View, and, at least on the desktop version, it’s adjusting the wrap (both on Zoom and on resizing the window) very nicely.