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Google docs format export and/or sync

Is it possible to export in Google docs format or maybe make the software at least sync with Google docs? The reason is that Google docs can export directly in *.epub format among others which could make the publishing much easier for people that want to self publish. This feature would also avoid problems with backups locally and possibly loss of all the work. Just an idea. It might be worth implementing if other users and the master programmer think is good and useful.

If you export to DOCX, you can then upload that to a service like Draft2Digital for free conversion to eBook formats.

Or, if you upload a DOCX to Google Drive, it can convert it to Google Docs format, and from there to a few others.

Syncing to Google Docs or Dropbox isn’t recommended, because occasional time lags in updated cloud files can corrupt your project.


Allen’s suggestion is the best approach. There is no way to upload the project structure to Google Docs and it’s not something I’m planning to look at. Way too much work involved. Sorry.

I tried doing as you said and it worked. Uploaded .docx file to drive and opened with Google docs and then downloaded the .epub. I did not know that you can export to .docx . I thought that it export only to plain text. I am a new user…did not check all the features yet.

I looked at the statistics and charts and I saw that it needs to go online to produce them. Would it be hard to make for the daily goal a progress bar that works backwards as a count down timer in android showing the daily progress in a graphical manner instead of just text? Probably another worthless idea. Many programmers don’t like to be bothered with feature requests and I understand them in a way because they have to do all the work but on the other hand the other people ideas might improve the end product. No person can have all the best ideas all the time. You may know that saying " Nobody is always stupid everybody is sometime". If you guys don’t like suggestions just tell me and I will stop or just ban me from the forum if you don’t like to be bugged. Thanks for the replies so far.

Suggestions are always welcome, but not always implemented.

The short answer is SmartEdit Writer is Windows desktop software. I have no plans to move it beyond that, which means no cloud integrations, no android apps or integrations, no iPad or Mac versions, no web version. The sole exception is the web based stats/graphs page, which is rarely used and in retrospect was probably a mistake.

SmartEdit Writer will remain an app for single PC use only.

I like your answer straight to the subject not beating around the bush like most of the communication today. Maybe you did not understand me correctly. What I was proposing was a progress bar implemented in the executable program itself not on android or online that takes the writing goal numbers and display in a graphical way the remaining number the words the user has set themselves. It’s just a standard windows progress bar like the ones used in every setup program with the exception that it moves from right to left. In a way is like a countdown but instead of measuring time it measure the remaining words toward the daily goal.

I understand. That would be an interesting addition. I’ll add it to the list and take a closer look when I’m working on the next release.