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Generate .epub or .mobi



A simple question, I think. But, not one that I saw brought up in any of the existing threads. Is there any possibility that AS will one day be able to generate .epub or .mobi files from completed manuscripts? This would be a great feature, and I think it may even draw a lot of people away from Scrivener. Just curious. Thanks!


I would second this request. Either of the standard ebook formats would be great.

In the interim, there is a quick and seamless workaround. Output AS to Word. Input word doc into LibreOffice and export as epub. LibreOffice 6.2 is OpenSource and free and is comparable in just about every way to the expensive and bloated Word.


Certainly a possibility, yes. But before any work was undertaken in that direction the Export feature would need to be improved. At the moment when you export to a single Word document, no fomatting is applied to standardise the document, no page breaks after chapters, etc. Work would need to be done in this area before any epub export ability, as unlike exporting to Word, you don’t have the ability to ‘tidy up’ the document after it’s exported.

However, this wouldn’t be a top priority at the moment. There are a number of other areas that need improving first.


I agree with Darren’s sentiments. There are things I’d rather see before this, and once you get a document into MS Word format, there are all sorts of 3rd party software that can be used for this sort of conversion, several of them are even free.

For me, getting the damned thing organized and written is the hard part!


Given all the complexities one must deal with in producing a truly compatible ebook file, with Adobe InDesign as a good example of an app that has been perfecting this route for years now, it sounds like a noble but extremely challenging goal. Epubs aren’t of much interest unless they can be used with at least the top 2-3 readers, which probably means at least Mobi and Kindle, and those formats are still in flux. Most ebook formats are really HTML-based websites, hidden in a single archive file, so they can be modified after they are generated, and unfortunately I’ve had to do some hand-work on output destined for Kindle every time I’ve produced an ebook. There are some very powerful tools available for managing this process, and it doesn’t seem practical to build these capabilities into a tool (AS) designed mainly for writing (rather than for publishing). There are also online services for quickly generating reasonably good ebook output, but all the authors I’ve worked with ended up hiring a consultant to produce a high-quality, fully-compliant, multi-platform ebook, even when the original print version was very well designed and managed inside InDesign. So while ebook output sounds like a great capability, it doesn’t seem to me it would be a practical direction for a streamlined app like AS. A nice clean PDF, with a little bit of layout control, would be a useful compromise.

Just my tuppence.