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Full Screen Option? (Plus other thoughts on feature requests.)


A full screen option while in the word processor would be lovely. It’s one of the few things that makes me regret not using Scrivener. (I am a big Page Four fan.)

A select all option would be nice too. I use that one a lot, but I don’t see it here.

I like how you can paste pictures into notes. I can see that coming in handy occasionally.

It would be nice to be able to quickly maximize and minimize the notes window (not full screen, but make it larger without manually pulling the edge of it).

I’d like to be able to not only default the font type, but also default the font color and page background color. It’s one of the many things I like about Page Four.


Thanks for the suggestions Glenn. There is an option on the menu bar (far right) that switches off the toolbar tabs. If you couple this with closing the right/left sections it gives you a close approximation of a full screen mode.

But I agree, a better full screen option would be useful.

While there isn’t a button for select all, the usual shortcut key of Ctrl+A will work here. I chose not to add buttons for some of the common options on the assumption that users would be using shortcut keys, but this may not always be true. Buttons for Undo/Redo have also been left out, though the Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y shortcuts work.


Hey Darren,

I love shortcut keys, but for some reason I didn’t know this one.

Do you have shortcut keys for “Show Left” and “Show Right”? If you don’t, a shortcut key to toggle these on and off would be most welcome! I found myself using those buttons a lot while screwing around with the program.

Also a place where all the shortcut keys are listed in the program itself or at least on the site would be appreciated too. (Perhaps you already do?)




There aren’t shortcut keys yet for the Left and Right sections. A page on the website listing all the shortcuts is a good idea. When it comes to the word processor, you’ll find that shortcuts are standard across most applications, so what works in Word will work in Atomic Scribbler as well (usually), but outside the word processor more documentation is a good idea.


Firstly, congrats on the new project, Atomic Scribbler. I was a user of Page Four, and still am, however AS looks fairly enticing.
Four things:
1: Will you add a character name generator? You had one as a separate download to PageFour, I reckon you should have integrated it. But I’m no software engineer so I don’t know how hard that would have been.
2: On the same subject of Full Screen mode, I’ve seen, and liked, writers with ‘immersive’ mode and ‘night mode’. These may seem like gimmics to some but can be very useful in focussing on work etc.
3: Choosing page and font colours.
4: Of course this is a Windows app, but I make a lot of notes on my tablet while ‘on the road’. Short of making a complete Android version, how about some kind of note taking app that can later intergrate / import into AS?
Is there any chance you might implement any of these ideas?


Hi OzyNik

Believe it or not, everything you’ve brought up is already on the development plan or slated as something to be looked at down the road. A character section, which will probably include the Character Name Generator from way back is scheduled for the release after next.

Number 4 is a huge piece of work, but it’s something I’ve already looked at in terms of feasability – a note sync rather than a separate app. Decisions on whether or not to go down that road won’t be made for a few releases yet.


Well - you’ve got me Darren. I’ll be buying Atomic Scribbler. Keep up the good work!


Ozynik - Yeah, I was implying immersive mode when I said full screen. Thanks for the clarification!

Darren - Any plans to integrate SmartEdit into this like you do with Ms Word? The character name generator sounds handy.


SmartEdit - not in the short term. The focus for the next 6 months is to improve and add to the core functionality.