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Full screen, custom shortcut keys, and selecting multiple scenes?

Hello there,
I’m brand new to this tool (and site), so forgive me if the below questions have been asked before. I’m trying to find out whether SEW might be a good alternative for me because of several issues with a certain competitor tool. So far, the lightweight interface all looks good and, given that I’m a regular user of Word, this seems to be a suitable tool. I haven’t been able to figure out the following yet though:

  1. Full-screen mode: There doesn’t seem to be a quick option (F11 doesn’t do anything, and I can’t find anything in the menu). I’ve been able to simulate full-screen mode by simply hiding the left and right panes as well as the menu bar. That’d be good enough for me, and I like that I can quickly display the document structure via F6 even in this simulated full-screen mode. However, when I then (even just accidentally) click on a notes item in the document tree, it opens the Notes pane on the right and there’s no simple way to make it go away quickly. I’ll have to bring back the menu bar and click on the button there. Can this be fixed by giving the Notes pane its own shortcut key so I can make it appear/disappear just like the Document and Research panes? Or is a true full-screen mode already planned? Or is there a way to assign custom shortcut keys so I can make the interface behave the way I prefer myself?

  2. Selecting multiple scenes/chapters: This issue is even more important for my personal writing routine than 1) above. Is there a way to display multiple scenes/chapters at the same time as a consecutive stream of text (like Scrivener does)? I know I can click on several scenes one after another and then there’ll be tabs on top of the main window, but everything I’ve tried so far only opens one scene at a time in the main composition window. Sometimes I’d like to play with transitions between scenes or just skim/read through multiple scenes at once to get a “big picture” view of my project. I’ve also checked the Export options but could only manage to export either a single scene or the whole project. (Besides, having to export the whole thing for this purpose sounds a bit like too much unnecessary work.) So, same question here: Is there a way to achieve this or is this something that’s already in the works?

In case it matters: I’m using Windows 8.1 (64-bit) and Word 2007 (I saw that SmartEdit for Word requires a newer version; if I’m planning on using only SEW, will this be a problem anyway?)

Thanks in advance for any answers!

Hi Lana,

First of all I would recommend to download the user manual [PDF]. It often helps to solve questions. Download location is at the top of SEW’s Knowledge Base.

As for item #1, the manual shows on page 36:
" At the top right of the SmartEdit Writer window, next to the minimise button, there is a fourth button that opens a drop down menu. The options available in this drop down are:

Auto-hide Ribbon, Show Tabs and Show Tabs and Commands."
< image>
"Selecting from these options along with closing the right and left sections gives a close approximation of full screen writing. This is an area we will probably add to in the future."
(Please note the [bold] marked second part, after the image.)

As for #2: I never attempted to select multiple scenes and chapters at the same time. Never had a reason to. Maybe someone else will chime in here about it.

You mentioned your OS and Word 2007. That would eventually effect the installation and use of “SE for Word” itself, but not SEW. Why should it? SEW is a separate software apps that has SE features, but that’s it. If you export a document from SEW to Word, then this is just like any normal Word document.

Hope that helps,

There is no one click full screen option in SmartEdit Writer to launch a full screen mode. Hans outlined the available options very well. I might look at adding a full screen option in the future but it’s not a priority at this time.

The only right hand section with a shortcut is the Research tree. The other three sections that appear on the right (Notes, SmartEdit, Word count) do not have shortcuts. I might revisit this.

What you’re describing here is something they call Scrivinings in Scrivener. For SmartEdit, it was a choice between building tabbed word processors for scenes or using a single split screen (Scrivinings is a variation of this). I went with the tabbed view. Scrivener went with the split view. This I won’t be adding or changing.

Thanks, Darren & Hans!
I’ll see if I can get used to seeing just one scene at a time then. I really like the rest of the tool and its straightforward functions without gimmicks I wouldn’t need anyway. :slightly_smiling_face: