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French dictionary


Greetings from Luxembourg ! Whilst I understand from the website that the implementation of a French dictionary is not a short term priority, is there’s a way to use free dictionaries available on the internet ? If so, how to proceed ? Many thanks in advance for your reply and for developing this very nice writing tool.


There’s no way to manually add a dictionary. They’re all hard coded at the moment. Dictionaries used in Atomic are the same as those used for Open Office. One of the biggest issues when sourcing them was in finding up to date open source dictionaries that are allowed to be used in a product that is NOT open source, and that has a commercial component to it (SmartEdit).

I’ll get around to Spanish and French eventually, but it’s the time involved in finding them that slows things down. Dictionaries come as .dic and .aff files. If anyone wants to do the leg work on sourcing these non-English dictionaries that don’t have licensing restrictions, that would speed up the adoption process for Atomic Scribbler.


Thanks for your reply, Darren. I fully understand. Maybe this one would do it :


Thanks Etienne. I’ll take a look at that.