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Formatting lost on export

GM, great summary of my life. I mean yours. If I had anything useful to suggest, I would have done it myself. One of these days it will be time to come in from the code and just maintain. I’ll look for you there…

Keep the home fires burning. Looks like we’re all in the same boat. To coin a phrase, as the saying goes.



Hi Hans

I have found that when I export my manuscript to Libre, I do lose the formatting: font, font size, font color, double spacing, and indents. It isn’t a big deal though. I highlight the entire manuscript once it’s in Libre and manually fix the format. It takes just a few clicks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Darren did a few bug fixes. You should go and download the latest version 7.4


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Got it downloaded and installed.

I am now experiencing this problem for the first time after installing 7.4, but only with projects created after the update. My older projects are still exporting with the formatting intact. I have a test project where I tried typing directly into a new scene (looked fine in SEW, switched to Word default when exported) and importing a file to SEW (again, looked fine in SEW but switched to Word default when exported). I found this because someone I’d recommended the software to recently was having the issue and I tried to duplicate it before asking here.

This is working as expected, The earlier font issue fixed in 7.4 was caused by a bug whereby specific font information was not being saved.

The difference in Default fonts when you open a document in Word and SEW is by design - in both apps. The same issue will occur in 2 instances of Word on 2 different PCs where the default font is different.

A default font means the document does not carry any font information, only “Use the default”. That default can and will differ between PCs and between software.

I get what you’re saying. Is there’s no way to export the novel to Word as it appears in SEW if you’re using the default settings in SEW other than changing the default settings in Word?

I’m afraid not. When you’re using default fonts, the document doesn’t carry any font information apart from ‘default’, which varies depending on which app is opening the document.