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Formatting entire project

Apologies if this is a repeat, but I couldn’t find any promising posts.

Is there a way to alter the text and/or paragraph format an entire project? I’ve got a couple (read: huge pile) of old projects that I’ve imported from PageFour and I’d really like to update the formats for the way I work these days (font, font size, color since I work in dark mode, first line indent, spacing). Doing them one at a time isn’t the worst thing ever, but it’s an awful lot of clicking when some of these have 30+ scenes.

There’s no way to format an entire project. You can only format scene by scene.

Something to bear in mind is that there is currently a bug when you try to select all and adjust the fonts for a scene, reported here:

The fix for this is a few weeks away.

Yes, I did stumble over that. I was happy to see the workaround for the meantime.

Thanks for responding!