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Format issue with Export As A Single Page


I’ve just used export as a single page for the first time and have a small issue with formating. The font size is not retained with the exported Word Doc… found a workaround but it’s wierd…

  • Default project font is Calibri 12.
  • When adding new scenes the displayed font is correct… Calibri 12
  • When exporting as a single page the font is Calibri 11… wrong font size (I believe the defaut for SEW is 11)
  • I highlight all the text in a scene and then select 12 from the font drop down (even though it already shows 12 and is 12 on the page)
  • I now export as a single page and the font size is correct… 12

Is it me or have I found a bug?

Many thanks



Are you using the latest version (7.4)? Formatting issues on export should all have been fixed in a release earlier this month.

Hi Darren… thanks for the reply… yes, using 7.4.

I think I’ve worked out what’s happening and not sure if its expected behaviour or not.

Default font in SEW is Calibri 12.
Default font in Word is Calibri 11.

Export as a single page in word shows 11.

Now if you highlight text in SEW and chose 12 (even though its already 12!) and then export as a single page Word shows it as 12.

Seems that defaut font in SEW = default font in Word even if they are different.

I hope that all makes sense…



That makes sense. When the default font is used for a document in either Word or SmartEdit, font information is not added to the document at all. The default is then assumed when it’s opened by Word, and that default could be completely different in Word or only slightly different (font size).


I think I was expecting exactly what I saw in SEW to appear in Word… I’ll set the default font in Word as the same as SEW.

Many thanks… enjoy your Sunday.

Yet, given the problem JonT encountered, wouldn’t it also make sense to add the font information even when the default is used? In this instance it was a minor size difference, but what if the user’s default font in SEW was Times Roman 12 and Word went ahead and used its Calibri 11? What if the user hadn’t seen this thread?

After setting the default font size in Word to 12 SEW still outputs as size 11 unless I highlight all the text and elect 12 fromm the SEW font selector.

Its just a bit of a pain to change formating once its been set in SEW.

My own opinion on expected behaviour of the Export As A Single Page button would be to create exactly what you see in SEW in Word including fonts, page breaks, tables, images… everything.

Other than that… wonderful :smile: