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Footnotes would be nice


Hello, I’m a new user from Belgium. Still in the learning phase I come with a few suggestions.
The spell checker. Another language then English would be great. Dutch maybe?

I frequently use words that needs some explanation. In Word I have the possibility to create footnotes. Can that be incorporated in a later version?

Now I go back to explore what’s available.

Cheers and nice work,


We may add non-English dictionaries in the future but it’s not a priority at this time, as we’re busy adding editing functionality for English language users at the moment.

Footnotes are also not on the current development plan. Though I understand how useful they can be for some writers, our focus for Atomic is to fill the needs of creative writers first, and footnotes add a layer of complexity not normally required by writers of fiction.


Thanks for your swift answer. There is plenty more to discover and Word will do the other stuff required.


In lieu of footnotes, how about a link in the body text that goes to a specific note?