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First thoughts and a big wish


After I discovered Atomic Scribbler for myself a few days ago, I am very taken with it. It seems very clear and thoughtful to me - not as overloaded in its functionality as comparable programs.
Despite the early stages of development, there is actually only one point that keeps me from using the program on a daily basis at the moment:
I like the clarity of the research section, but without an internal viewer for web pages, images etc. the handling is quite cumbersome. I don’t want to jump from one program to another all the time. By the way, some preliminary work seems to have already been done on this point, because it is at least possible to import images and text passages from a website.
A second wish would be the availability of a typewriter mode.
In the long run I could also imagine a print mode (export as pdf, epub, mobi) with one standard layout each for printed books and e-books. The use of quite complex layout programs is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. I could very well imagine a print mode that would be especially tailored to self-publishers. But first there are certainly more important points.


I understand your frustration, but I’d hate to see A.S. get bogged down in features that are better handled by other types of software.

I do my internet research with OneNote, primarily because it has extensions for both Chrome and Edge to clip internet pages to OneNote. This allows a seamless integration between the browser and OneNote and doesn’t slow down the research process with unneccesary cut and paste operations. Then when I am done with research, I go through the OneNote pages and decide which pages are useful and which need to be in the A.S. research area. I don’t want marginal info to clutter up the A.S. research tree. Then I tag each selected page with a 'Moved" tag. So I know which research materials were transferred in case of a disaster.

Then it is a simple matter of cut and paste of the SELECTED pages to transfer the page image to Atomic Scribbler. I use OneNote because it’s free, but I would assume other, more advanced note taking apps would work reasonably well.

Below, is a screen shot of a web page that I moved from a webpage to OneNote, and then to Atomic Scribbler. Note how the links to the original web page remain active (I tested it to make sure)


I had planned to allow images to be opened within Atomic Scribbler. It was scheduled for an earlier release but kept getting pushed back. I think there is real value for most users in being able to see an image (location, character, etc.) next to the word processor as you work on a scene — possibly in the right section where the Research tree now lives. It’s very possible that this will appear in a future release.

But a full on web browser? No, that’s not on the cards at all. People are very wedded to their browsers. Many of the sites they visit they’re already logged into, states and preferences are remembered, favourite plug-ins active, etc. Adding a web browser to Atomic would at best be offering a limited and unfamiliar browsing experience to users.

The Research section will copy any external file you add and store it inside the project, regardless of type, but bookmarks are just that — links to external websites outside the Atomic Scribbler project. Anything you want to keep from a website you would have to copy along the lines of Glen’s method above.


Glenn, I like the way you use OneNote for AS research. Never thought of using it this way. Actually, I ignored OneNote for many years. Never really liked it. Don’t ask me why. Maybe because of its proprietary file format.

However, I may rethink my attitude towards it and give it a try for this use in particular. Still have OneNote sitting here on DVD as an older version. I just have to to install it on my PC. It’s an interesting way of using it for AS research. :slight_smile: Thanks for the info.


Glad to help. OneNote is a wonderful word based multipurpose tool that really adds to A. Scribbler’s usefulness, I think. Maybe Darren could figure out a way to convince Microsoft to implement an “Export to Atomic Scribbler” function! :yum: That would make it ideal, I think!

One note of caution though, I’m using OneNote 2016 and the free versions that comes with Win 10 and Office 360, I’ve never tried this with anything older.


I’ll see how this works with older versions. I’m not using the latest, and definitely not going for the 360 version. :smile:
I run Office 2010 currently, and the former one was Office 2003. So, I’ll give it a try and test it. I was always hesitant and thought of loss of data in case of a crash.

Yet, all my data - inclusive AS backups - are set to my [physically separated] drive ‘D:’! That get backed up every day. In case of a crash I may just lose half a day’s work or so.

BTW, go and read up on ‘SyncBack’. It’s the software I use for data backup. It allows me to set up different profiles. They work like batch files in good ol’ DOS. It’s just one click, and your data are backed up within two or three minutes. Perfect for securing your AS writing on a daily base.


I can understand that you don’t want to overload the program with functions. It wasn’t about integrating a full-fledged web browser, but about integrating a viewer for websites, pictures, videos etc…
As I have noticed in the meantime, it is already possible to cut and paste web pages or web page fragments directly into Atomic Scribbler (The way via Onenote seems more like a detour to me).
But if it’s already possible to insert web pages now, I think it would only be a small step to display the corresponding page in the research area when clicking on a bookmark. However, I am not a developer. So it could also be much more complex;-)
For the research itself I can use an external browser, but when working on a text I don’t want to constantly switch between a web browser for HTML/PDF files, a viewer for images, a viewer for videos and the actual program. It just disturbs my personal workflow. But if others see it differently, I’m not angry. It was just a suggestion for an otherwise very good program.