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Feature Request

I could find nothing in the Forum. So I’ll ask.
I have several projects. One of which uses several different terms–made up, many with accented vowels, etc-- for a fantasy story. I can add the words to the custom dictionary which helps immensily. My difficulty is that some of the made up words are spelling errors in my other projects but the spell checker doesn’t catch. My question becomes: Is there a way that each project could have its own custom dictionary?
My work around has been to create a new custom dictionary, that I have to supplant for working on the fantasy project (change the file name, and then back for the other projects). Perhaps other readers need the same–perhaps not.
Thanks for considering.

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Thanks for the suggestion. This is something I had considered adding in the past, but decided not to as no one was asking for it. If there were more widespread interest I’d certainly be open to adding this.

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