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Feature Request: Word Counts

Hi all.
Been using this wonderful piece of free software for about six months, ever since leaving a different piece of paid software that just wasn’t cutting it anymore. My favorite thing about this right now is the daily word count feature. It really helps me keep track of my daily and monthly goals, but I do have a request.

The idea of daily word counts and monthly goals is great, but on the web page that is created for the monthly charts, it would be truly helpful to also include the overall project word count. That way you’d be able to keep track of your overall progress. That’s very helpful for people with deadlines, or people writing only in their spare time, who need to know how close (or far away) they are from completing their project. Knowing you’re 80k words into your projected 100k word project can help to keep people motivated and writing.
And, as long as I’m asking, it would also be great to be able to set an overall project word count target along with the monthly goal targets.

If this is something that can be done, then when viewing the web page for a month’s daily word count, instead of the first two lines under the pie chart reading:
Target word count:
Word count to date:

They could read:
{ProjectName} target word count:
{ProjectName} word count to date:
{MonthName} target word count:
{MonthName} word count to date:

And there could be two pie charts, one for overall project and one for the month. The monthly bar doesn’t need to change.

Sorry for the long post. I just really enjoy this piece of software and thought my suggestion might be something other people would also like.

Thanks, and keep us the great work!

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Thanks for the suggestions GeekMan. The monthly stats web page is not a heavily used feature, so I won’t be expanding it.

However, I’m considering pulling it inside the app itself rather than leaving it as an external web page. If I do this, I’ll probably make some enhancements as well, so I’ll revisit your suggestions at that time.