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Feature request: undo - redo

I start my first minute at this forum with a question or feature request.
Question: do SEW have a undo / redo feature?
I could not find this options.
So if not…than my feature request is: to implement this features.

I’m new to SEW, coming from Word and Scrivener 3.0.
I did some exploratory testing on SEW and my conclusion is, that there is a fair chance that I will use this app more than Word and Scrivener.
So congratualations for this app.

And yes, word has featuren and yes Scrivener has features SEW does’nt have, so I will use them in combination with each other, with some hope that one day SEW will cover all features.

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While there are no Undo/Redo buttons on the toolbar, the standard shortcuts of Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y do work.

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Oké, that works. Thanks.