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Feature request: Timelines

I need help with complicated timelines.

My current project is a combination detective/romance novel.
I’ve arranged nested folders by week and day of the week, but I need to keep track of both the detective story and the romance part, so what would be really cool is to have a timeline for each, and the ability to slide scenes – each of which have to stay in a particular order, of course – from one timeline up or down to match up with the action in the other timeline, and of course they both need to meet up in the final chapter.

I love that SmartEdit Writer is free, but this sliding timelines feature is something I’m willing to pay to get.

Thanks …

  • PeytonR

Thanks for the suggestion Peyton. Timelines like you’re describing are too compelx a feature for SmartEdit Writer. I don’t see them being used by that many users, so it’s not something I’d be prepared to implement.

It’s the kind of thing that even if a user wanted timelines, 5 users would have 5 different interpretations of how they might work, and implementing 1 would mean the other 4 users would not use it at all as it doesn’t quite meet their needs.

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