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Feature request: Tagged comments


Man, do I wish I could highlight some text and add a comment!

Something akin to what’s in Acrobat, but no need for approvals, responses, resolving, etc. Color selection would be ideal, and an easy delete button.



I hate to say it, but it’s not near the top of the list at the moment. That doesn’t mean never. A few months ago I looked into some of the available options to see how complex this would be, and it’s certainly achievable, so I feel confident in saying that a basic and simple comment feature is very likely in the future.


What? Not immediately?

“Very likely” is good enough for me. I realize it’s a full subsystem and not a tweak. Thanks!



Just made an account to second this one! I’m a translator, and when I run into vague or tricky spots, I like to put the original text in a comment so I can easily come back to it later with better context and finalize my choices. I also like to leave notes on specific word choices for later reference. I basically just use commenting a whole lot, haha.

Granted, it’s still doable with brackets and things, but it’s a lot messier.

I’ll keep using the program because I really like being able to have the various chapters of the work I’m translating in the same spot, and the character list (so I can keep track over months of work), and other resources I’d normally have to keep open in other windows. The pluses outweigh the one minus, but I sure would be delighted if there were no minuses left. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for this otherwise excellent program.


It would be very helpful, especially if you could toggle visibility. Not urgent for me though. Jumping to where you were and bookmarking would be other good ones. It would also be good if fragments was tabbed with the regular tree as having buttons makes me hunt for it, which breaks flow. Very good work so far though. :slight_smile: