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Feature request: Tagged comments


Man, do I wish I could highlight some text and add a comment!

Something akin to what’s in Acrobat, but no need for approvals, responses, resolving, etc. Color selection would be ideal, and an easy delete button.



I hate to say it, but it’s not near the top of the list at the moment. That doesn’t mean never. A few months ago I looked into some of the available options to see how complex this would be, and it’s certainly achievable, so I feel confident in saying that a basic and simple comment feature is very likely in the future.


What? Not immediately?

“Very likely” is good enough for me. I realize it’s a full subsystem and not a tweak. Thanks!



Just made an account to second this one! I’m a translator, and when I run into vague or tricky spots, I like to put the original text in a comment so I can easily come back to it later with better context and finalize my choices. I also like to leave notes on specific word choices for later reference. I basically just use commenting a whole lot, haha.

Granted, it’s still doable with brackets and things, but it’s a lot messier.

I’ll keep using the program because I really like being able to have the various chapters of the work I’m translating in the same spot, and the character list (so I can keep track over months of work), and other resources I’d normally have to keep open in other windows. The pluses outweigh the one minus, but I sure would be delighted if there were no minuses left. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for this otherwise excellent program.