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Feature request: repetition in proximity

Hi, and thaks for this killer app!

I have a request for a feature that I consider very useful: to detect repetitions of words in proximity, I use a software called Repetition Detector. What it does is analyze a text and point out which words are used in close proximity to each other; as you would agree, it is not the same to repeat a word 20 times in a long text as it is to repeat it 20 times in a single page (or paragrahp!).
Thanks for your time!

There is an option on the Settings dialog to show the paragraph number next to the repetition instance. This acts as an indicator of proximity, as each result appears in order, from the start of the document to the end.

Hi, Darren,

Thank you for your quick response! I didn’t know about that option, but it is not the same… See an example of what I find useful in Repetition Detector:

(The text is in Spanish, but for this example it doesn’t matter).
As you can see, the app highlights the close repetitions. At a glance, you can see the words repeated in close proximity. It’s enormously useful.

Best regards,

I understand – It’s the highlighting you’re looking for. This has been asked for a few times before, and it is on the list. There’s no timeframe for when it will be implemented though.