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Feature request: initial setup control / templates

I use SEW for a variety of complex writing tasks now: note taking, short story writing, scientific research writing, etc.

I find myself opening a new project a lot, and I have to totally rearrange and rename all the document and research tree folders every time. But, I use several setups over and over. I imagine that others are also adjusting the base arrangement to suit their needs and preferences over and over - we don’t all have the same workflow!

I know that some of the automagical functions of SEW depend on some of these default folders, but surely we could have a way to create our own templates or folder arrangements to apply to a new project.

I could add an option to the Settings dialog to NOT create folders or scenes when a new project is created. That would get you part way there at least. A full template structure would be a lot more complex.

One way of doing this yourself is to create a project called “Template #1” with your preferred structure, then anytime you want to create a new project based on that template, simply create a copy of the folder for “Template 1” in your SmartEdit Writer / Documents folder and open the project inside.