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Feature Request for Images


I have just started using AS. In setting up my project, I thought of a couple of ideas that would help me.

  1. When adding images, I noticed that they are put into a folder and assigned a number. I would guess that the AS database would link the name I give the image to the number. I would ask if the image file name could be the same as the name I have given the image. When I click on the image name within AS, I get the photo review app within windows to view the image and can move through the whole folder of images. This photo app shows the file name which is the number assigned by AS. If I decide to manipulate an image, like giving it another name, I have to go through each image within AS to find the correct image before I can move, or rename.
  2. Could AS display the image within the app when the image name is clicked? I know I could import the image into a ‘scene’. Are there pros and cons? It would be more difficult in importing many images, as you would have to copy each image individually into one or more ‘scene’ files.
  3. It would be helpful if the image could be add by drag-and-drop.
    Thanks for the excellent writing tool.


When you add an image to the Research section, a copy of that image is made inside the Atomic Scribbler project. While the old name is maintained as the image name within the project, this name is not used as the actual file name for the copied file. This applies to all files you import — not just images.

The reason for this is that Windows file names are limited in the characters that can be used. For example, a Windows file cannot use any of these characters in its name: * . " / \ [ ] : ; | = ,. An item in your Atomic Scribbler project can use any characters in its name. It can even have the same name as another item sitting in the same folder — something you can’t do with Windows files.

If you want to find an image quickly in your project, it’s better to do so by opening it from within the project. This is where it becomes useful to create folders and add images to specific folders in the Research section. A folder for characters, sub-folders for each character name, and sub folders within these for character images.

If you want to rename an image in your project, you should rename the image in the Research tree, not in the Windows folder that contains the file. This Windows folder should not be touched or changed manually, otherwise you run the risk of corrupting your project.

When you open an image, it currently opens in the default image viewer on your PC, but I’m planning to change this behaviour and add a built in image viewer so that it can be opened inside the Atomic Scribbler project.