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Feature request - exports


It would be nice to be able to export a single scene or group of selected scenes, not just the entire project. For example, when I’m writing a series I like to have the whole series in a single project, but of course I need to be able to export each individual book separately. Or if I need to print out a single scene, or if I’m writing a collection of short stories and want to be able to export just one. This would make Atomic Scribbler much more flexible for different ways of writing, organizing, and revising/editing. Thanks :slight_smile:

ETA: Oh, and the ability to export in RTF would be great, too.


On the Word Processor toolbar, which is connected to the currently opened scene, you’ll find “Export as” and “Print” buttons which export or print only the current scene. You also get to choose from the drop down in the file dialog if you want to save as docx or rtf. The same choice can be made when you export all your scenes.

I agree that it would be of benefit to be able to export a group of specific scenes. I’ll probably be adding to this area when I expand on the export section.


Ah, ok, didn’t see it before. I was looking at the export button on Actions and Tools. I appreciate the different file options; docx does have its uses, but I actually never use it. I export RTF, put into a text editor to zap any unwanted coding, then put the clean file into doc to format.

Glad to hear that being able to export a group of specific scenes is under consideration! Thanks :slight_smile: