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Feature Request: Disable having all scenes open, + others

Recently came across SmartEdit writer - absolutely loving it so far - more people need to hear about this as a free alternative to scrivener / minimal and distraction free writing program! Seems like the perfect manuscript writing tool, great dark theme, minimal UI and I’ve not even started using the editing functions yet. Good work!

(I keep my index in microsoft onenote, so I’m mostly using smart edit writer for manuscript writing). I moved my manuscript across from word to smartedit writer and loving the document tree for navigation.

Feature suggestions:

  1. Disable Scene Tabs - It would be cool to not have to keep closing scene tabs, to have an option to disable this function and keep the UI as minimal as possible, with just the current scene open. I basically just use the document tree to navigate my manuscript and find scene tabs unnecessary / distracting. I jump around a lot, and then have hundreds of tabs open that I never use.

  2. Undo/redo function - agree this would be useful

  3. Bulk formatting - perhaps clicking on a folder, will apply all formatting changes to that folder? Or being able to select multiple scenes and applying formatting changes to all. I found the default formatting settings a bit too late and had to remedy the hard way.

  4. File Structure Copy and Paste - I’m writing a trilogy, with 3 sections per book, around 10 chapters per section, and about 3-5 scenes per chapter. Would be cool to be able to create a chapter scene structure, and then copy it 10 times for a section, and then copy that 3 times for a book, and then copy that 3 times for the series. Though it’s not a big deal to do this as you go / fill it all out once. I also get that there’s a danger of duplicating content - eg filled out scenes / notes

Thanks for the suggestions David - some good ideas in there. Regarding the Undo/Redo, while there are no buttons on the toolbar the usual shortcut keys of Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y do work.