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Eye saving background

Didn’t there used to be an eye saving colored background that could be toggled on and off?

There used to be a single dark theme controlled by a checkbox. That’s been replaced by a selection of coloured themes to choose from – button at the end of the Actions & Tools toolbar.

I noticed the theme options. Seeing that there hasn’t been this feature, I’d like to put the eye-saving color in as a feature.

What do you mean by eye saving? Not a phrase I’m familiar with.

Seconding this, would love an eye sparing theme that’s not dark grey (i.e. maybe a muted green or blue).

There are many colored themes. You just need to go thru them and find one you like. There is one called Office 2007 Green that I think might be what you’re looking for.

The paper still being white in those does not make it an eye saving theme though.

This is the theme which I use. I would like to understand better what you’re seeing on your screen to know what’s not showing well for you. I’m not the developer, but just trying to help out if I possibly can.

Perhaps it could be beneficial to have themes customizable. I like all the themes you’ve put into it, but someone might still want to tweak this header or that tab and other such things.

On another note while I’m suggesting changes, might having templates be helpful to some? I was thinking of character and location templates.

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